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Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 11:30 am - 9:00 pm
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Jiang’s Mongolian Grill – Create your own Asian stir-fry concept.

Create your own perfect dish at Jiang’s Mongolian Grill. Select your favorite meat or seafood, add fresh vegetables, spice it up and hand your creation to our grillers for cooking.

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What is Mongolian Grill?
Mongolian Grill (barbecue) is a stir fried dish which meat and vegetables are cooked in a large, iron griddle at extremely high temperatures at up to 572 degrees fahrenheit. The huge Mongolian barbecue griddle allows several diners’ food to be cooked simultaneously on different parts of the griddle.

The Story of Mongolian Grill
Despite the fact that Mongolian barbecue first appeared in Taiwan in the middle to late 20th century, the idea of stir-frying ingredients on a large, open grill is originated from Mongolian food and their traditions. It has also adapted a little bit from the Japanese-style teppanyaki, which was popular in Taiwan at that time.

Create Your Own Favorite Stir Fry
Typically, patrons choose various ingredients from a variety of thinly sliced raw meats (beef, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, shrimp) and vegetables (cabbage, tofu, sliced onion, cilantro, broccoli and mushrooms. Then they add their favorite spices and sauces to suit their taste buds. Our speciality sauces include Hoisin, Teiryaki, Barbecue, Garlic, Ginger, Yellow Curry, Mustard, Szechuan and Kung Pao.

Mix and Match to create your own favorite bowl of stir fry!

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